Preparing your case: Know the Law and Investigate

When: September 23rd, 9:30-3:30pm

Where: Lower Level Courtroom, Jefferson County Criminal Courthouse


  • 6 hours of CLE- FREE for all GBCDLA members ($60 for nonmembers)


Preparing your case: Know the Law and Investigate

9am-10: Alabama Legislative update (Mike Hanle) Materials: click here for handout and here for report

10-11: Case-law update (Bob Matthews & Alisha McCay) Materials: click here

Bob Matthews is an associate at the Law Office of J.D. Lloyd, LLC, where his practice focusses direct appeals and post-conviction work in both state and federal criminal cases.

11-12: Investigation (Frank Slapikas) Materials: click here

Frank Slapikas CV: click here

Lunch: 12-12:30 (pizza lunch and light refreshments will be provided)

Try Your Case: Trial Defenses

12:30-1:30: Self-Defense and Immunity hearings (Blair Shores) – Loitering materialsSelf Defense and Immunity materials

1:30-3:30– Use of experts and Raising/Litigating NGRI (Judge Stephen Wallace) – click here for materials

You must RSVP to Texys Morris at by September 16th!